Internal changes are taking place in SDSM, says Shilegov, who believes that as SDSM "we have carried out serious processes, from the Prespa Agreement, to membership in NATO and obtaining candidate status in the EU".

"We will have to unite around important issues in the country. For the strategic interest, let's agree that we all love our country. I have no right to think that someone is a greater patriot than me," says Shilegov.

About the amendments to the Central Committee, he will say "As a holder of a high executive office, whatever I say can be badly interpreted. The amount of fines is not the problem, the problem is deeper. We need functional institutions at multiple levels."


Shilegov believes "that the daily politics of VMRO-DPMNE is at a standstill. You probably need a specific script that you want to stick to the government. Why do you think this is not Mickoski's script? How do you know that there is no agreement with Nikola Gruevski, and then for Mickoski to come clean about the vote on the constitutional amendments".

"There is no political price that SDSM can accept for Gruevski to be our coalition partner," Shilegov is determined.