Shilegov: In the last four years, the level of PM10 particles is constantly declining

Petre Shilegov
Petre Shilegov / Photo: MIA

Pollution is no longer a hot topic in Skopje as it has been in the past few years. That's a fact and it's good because the numbers show something very different from what they did four years ago. However, we must be aware that the problem of pollution in Skopje can not be completely solved with short-term or medium-term activities. However, taking complementary measures that will treat the biggest polluters is the approach we are witnessing that leads to positive results and a decline in pollution, said the candidate and current mayor of Skopje from SDSM, Petre Shilegov.

- The figures show that in the last four years, the level of PM10 particles is in constant decline, and annually the amount of these particles reached almost the limit value of 40 μg / m3. If in 2016 there were 71,91 PM10 μg / m3, in 2020 there were 47,70 PM10 μg / m3. Although meteorological conditions are believed to be the ones that significantly affect air quality, on an annual basis, wind speed and temperature were at almost constant values, and the amount of precipitation is not proportional to the decline in pollution, he said.

Taking into account the biggest polluters, he pointed out, ie heating of households, traffic, dust created by untidy surfaces, street dust and dust from construction activities and industry, a series of measures have been introduced in the last four years that have affected them. He emphasized that many measures have been taken: subsidies for the purchase of inverters, new gas buses, use of the new incinerator for treatment of medical waste in Drisla, intensified inspections, construction of new green areas, campaign for reporting open fires by phone 193, cleaning of illegal landfills, cleaning of stubble, subsidies for bicycles, electric scooters, cleaning of chimneys.

- These measures were reflected in: And they were reflected in: 8.000 less active chimneys in Skopje, about 100 replaced boilers for heating of state buildings, 33 ecological buses of JSP, 3.000 m3 of raised stubble, closed all illegal landfills in the city urban area, 300.000 m2 of new greenery and over 20.000 new seedlings. Let us not forget that the construction activities of the City are not megalomaniacal and unnecessary projects that additionally suffocate our city and its air. These numbers are proof that we are moving in the right direction when it comes to pollution and my intention, our intention is to continue in that direction. Skopje deserves a solid and continuous approach in its development. Skopje deserves the best, said Shilegov.

Source: MIA

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