Shilegov: On April 27, in the Parliament, a grandfather beat us with an umbrella, we bought it for 1.000 denars

April 27 / EPA / STR

The former mayor of Skopje, Petre Shilegov, on the fifth anniversary of the violence in the Macedonian Parliament on April 27, 2017, on his Facebook profile told about an incident during the intrusion in the Parliament on April 27, five years ago.

- This is for the patriots and the defenders of the Constitution. There was an uncle (grandfather) who entered that intrusion in the Parliament with an umbrella. He persistently hit Damjan Manchevski, Oliver Spasovski and me with his umbrella. After a while, Damjan asked him: Uncle, can I buy you an umbrella for 300 denars? The uncle answered: mine is expensive, it is big, it is worth at least 500. I gave Damjan 1.000 denars. He gave them to his uncle. He gave us the umbrella for 1.000 denars and left the press center of the Parliament - Shilegov wrote on social networks.

"Ah, Macedonia… They sold you for 1.000 denars. "As a tip to a singer (even an opera) who is acting crazy in front of the Parliament today," Shilegov wrote.

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