Shilegov terminated the contract for the galley "Sreja", Arsovska will have to pay the damages

Abandoned galley/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

The Basic Civil Court Skopje ruled on May 17 that the City of Skopje and the former mayor unfoundedly and unilaterally terminated the contract for the use of urban equipment installed in the Vardar River.

The City of Skopje lost the dispute over the galley "Sreća", which began to collapse three years ago during the term of Mayor Petre Šilegov, after the City had previously terminated the contract for the use of the ship. The Basic Civil Court Skopje ruled on May 17 that the City of Skopje and the then mayor Petre Šilegov unfoundedly and unilaterally terminated the contract for the use of urban equipment installed in the Vardar River.

Now the City will have to pay the plaintiff, the company Electro-Mechanical Service AD ​​Skopje, compensation for an unjustified activated bank guarantee in the amount of 615 denars with legal penalty interest, but also to compensate the costs of the procedure in the total amount of 000 64 denars.

I hope that this will mean the end of the criminal arbitrariness of a certain group of politicians who, failing to extort millions of sums, do such illegal actions and cause material damage to private companies, but also to the budget of Macedonia. Our goal is to continue working, to return the investment, and not to harm the city of Skopje and our fellow citizens. We do not want to continue with the lawsuit process, which may end with a claim for damages of 5 million euros before an international court, considering that it is a foreign investment, from Bulgaria, a country with which Macedonia has signed an Investment Protection Agreement. We hope that both the mayor and the Council of the City of Skopje will make the right decision for the mutual benefit in the near future - says Zarko Milenkoski, manager of EMUS, in a statement to the media.

Shilegov represents the City of Skopje in the lawsuit for the demolition of the galley

As is known, the reason for terminating the contract, as it was announced at the time, was non-payment of the rent. After the contract was terminated, the firm and its owner were given 30 days to remove the galley.

Abandoned galley/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

But the Court found that it was not so. Namely, according to the contract, the plaintiff paid the agreed amount every month in a timely manner and performed catering activities until March 20, 2020, when a state of emergency was declared due to the corona and a limited movement of citizens was introduced, as well as a ban on catering activities. During that period, the plaintiff turned to the City of Skopje several times with a request for a reduction or exemption from the obligation to pay monthly rent, but the City of Skopje did not respond to these requests.

Immediately after the end of the state of emergency on June 29.6.2020, 1, the plaintiff paid all the outstanding monthly fees for the previous three months, and he made the fourth payment on July 2020, 259.600. Immediately after the payment was made, the plaintiff received a notice of termination of the contract from the defendant. The unilateral termination of the contract was due to non-payment of four installments in the total amount of 30 denars, with a request to remove the urban equipment within XNUMX days - it is stated in the reasoning of the judgment.

VIDEO | Even after three years, there is no solution to the case: The ruined and burnt galley remained anchored in Vardar

For the past three years, since the demolition of the galley "moored" on the quay near the Holiday Inn has started and stopped, it has been left to decay and looks like a "ship of horror", with torn sails, on fire, standing in the river without any purpose, except that it gathers homeless people and is filled with garbage. In the past year, it was burned down twice.

Abandoned galley/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Until now, there was no information about what will happen to the galley, will it continue to be demolished or will it be rebuilt. The City of Skopje had the opportunity to appeal the latest judgment of the Court of First Instance, which means that the galley will remain in Vardar in the same ruined state as it is currently.

The galleys in Vardar were installed at the time when Koce Trajanovski was the mayor of Skopje, as part of the controversial "Skopje 2014" project.
According to the flood risk reduction study, which was prepared by the UNDP together with the City of Skopje and the Center for Crisis Management, embankments, barriers and other structures should not be built in Vardar. The existing three galleys, as the data from the Study show, have reduced the flow of the river by a third, which in itself increases the possibility of flooding.

The fire on the galley "Sreća" was extinguished, it was full of garbage, but without electricity

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