The sixth edition of "Litera" ended with the awards ceremony

Winners of the "Litera 2024" awards

The awards for the best literary and visual achievements in the field of children's literature at the sixth edition of the International Literature and Illustration Festival "Litera 2024", which was held under the motto "Let's fly together" from May 15 to 18 at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, Natalia Lukomska, Živko Grozdanoski, Branislav Nikolov and Ivanka Niba were awarded.

The award for the best illustration went to the book "Once upon a time... The most beautiful fairy tales of all time" with illustrations by Natalija Lukomska, adaptation of a text by Olivera Ćorveziroska, published by "Ars lamina".

- In this work, Natalija Lukomska opens the gates of the most beautiful fairy tales in the world through a different world, hers. The well-known characters from the stories are presented to us through clean forms and clear visual expression. Through them, she expresses the emotions of the characters and characters in a simpler way, and introduces us to a complex world. It uses figuration with beautiful stylization and geometrization. The textures are beautiful, reminiscent of the old stories of Eastern European artists, but with an extremely fresh and modern take. The illustration moves with a nice dynamic through the stories, especially through the striking contrast, although the palette of each illustration is limited. The style is maintained throughout the book in an exceptional harmony - it says in the explanation of the award.

The award for the best text went to Živko Grozdanoski with illustrations by Voskresia Andreevska for the edition of "Strange Forest".

– "The White Mice / The Terrible Infestation of Green Lice / The Black Sheep" are three separate but related stories. In a very authentic, interesting way, the publication approaches the children's audience, offering incredible humor that even the smallest can understand. This edition is equally interesting and entertaining for the adult audience. Grozdanoski goes back to good old proverbs and gives them his own interpretation. He makes them understandable and adapted for children, and they will make you laugh reading them to children. We singled out the text of this picture book because it is special, different, original and goes back to the sweet children's rhyme - they point out from "Litera".

"Zunica" with text by Branislav Nikolov and illustrations by Ivanka Niba, published in the edition "Svetulka 2" published by "Art & Art Studio Batev", won the prize for the picture book as a whole.

– This is the story of the snowy land where everything is black and white, where the four friends, Bojana, the Bird, the Bunny and Mendo, are looking for the Sun to bring back spring and colors. Branislav Nikolov through the poetic story, in excellent rhythm and rhyme, with carefully chosen words plunged the group into a daring adventure - to return the color to their world. Ivanka Niba follows him step by step, starting with the black and white drawing, where she slowly reveals to us the characters in the picture book. She skilfully uses background contrasts with illustrative elements. At first he uses clean and simple geometrized shapes, which slowly grow into surfaces filled with shapes, instead of messy elements that work well in combination with geometrizing, to regain a calm rhythm in which color is slowly introduced. The crown of the two elements, the text and the illustration, which perfectly complement each other, is the message of friendship in the book, which conveys a powerful message to children in a beautiful way - the explanation for the award states.

The "Litera 2024" team with the award winners

The "Litera" festival awarded recognition to "SOS Children's Village" for investing in creative publications that promote inclusiveness, as well as recognition to Halkbank A.D. Skopje, as a socially responsible company for encouraging the development of visual culture among children through the character Halki.

Sofia Semenpeeva Trayanovska, director of the "Litera" festival, pointed out at the end that with each subsequent "Litera" the entire team working at the festival is enriched with new experiences and knowledge that they apply in the following editions.

She thanked everyone who was a part of "Litera", especially the children's audience for which "Litera" was formed. She emphasizes that in 2025 Natalia Lukomska, as the winner of the award for the best illustration, will have an exhibition of her illustrations within the seventh edition of "Litera".

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