Sixth graders will not receive all their textbooks until the end of September

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The Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri said that tomorrow he will share accurate information with a plan for the delivery of textbooks from the new reform to all schools, from the first to the sixth grade, which he said at the beginning of the school year would be ready in the first week of September that is, until the end of this month (for the sixth grade). The textbooks for high school education, where there were no textbooks for a long time, Shaqiri announced that they will be delivered by the end of September.

Shaqiri announced that the textbooks for the third grade have been completed and delivered to all primary schools. For the sixth grade, the textbooks for Macedonian language, Albanian language, and natural sciences have been approved, which are for graphic and technical processing and printing. The Mathematics textbook was also approved, but it will take five days for the appeal procedure.

- I am pleased by the fact that the textbooks for the third grade have all been completed and delivered to all primary schools. As for the textbooks for the sixth grade, I am also pleased by the fact that the National Commission has approved the textbooks for the Macedonian language, Albanian language, Natural Sciences and the Mathematics textbook, for which he will have to wait another five days for the appeal procedure, and for the previous ones - all have been submitted for graphic-technical and printing, said Shaqiri, answering journalist's questions after the opening of the Ministerial Conference on the Quality of Higher Education in the Western Balkans.

He announced that the delivery of textbooks continues in secondary education, where there were no textbooks after a long period.

-Certain publishers who have ownership rights in the publishing business requested a postponement of the term of the contract they had until September 1, they requested another 30 days, and by the end of September in all high schools, according to their requests, in high school education, all textbooks, added Shaqiri.

It is uncertain whether the sixth graders will receive their textbooks by the end of September

Last week Free Press sent questions to the Ministry of Education and Culture about how far the procedure for textbooks for the sixth grade has gone, and from there they answered that the textbooks for Albanian language and natural sciences have been approved.

The Mathematics textbook was approved, but the appeal procedure is ongoing, while the Macedonian and Turkish textbooks are in the approval process. An author team is being formed for History and Society. On the website for electronic textbooks, the only textbook available for sixth graders is the textbook Language and Culture of the Bosniaks, which is an optional subject, and the Albanian language textbook is also available in PDF version as an optional subject.

Sixth graders are provided with auxiliary materials while they wait for their textbooks. These materials are produced by the Bureau of Education Development and are available only in electronic form on the Bureau's website.

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