Six items that are especially dirty during the summer - do you clean them regularly?

beach girl
Girl on the beach / Photo: Pexels

Summer offers numerous activities, but sometimes it also requires a lot of equipment.

You might throw the same gear somewhere in the corner of the house when you get back, but actually, it's necessary to keep it clean so you don't have to deal with an even bigger mess the next day.

1. Beach creams

The fact that a little cream will remain on the cream bottle after application does not mean that it is dirty and you can easily wipe it off with a cloth. But when you take the same cream to the beach, be sure that various impurities, such as sand or earth, will stick to the bottle or tube, which you will feel on your body the next time you apply the cream, and that same sand will take home in your bag. To prevent this, take it out of the bag and wash it in the shower when you shower yourself.

2. Beach bags

It's great to put your feet in the sand, but when you put your hand in your bag and find a lot of sand in it too, it's not so much fun. Make it a habit to shake everything out of your bag as soon as you come back from the beach, and if you have a bag made of washable material, you can simply rinse it in the shower.

3. Pools in the yard

They are a great thing if you have children and you can't go to the sea, but they also need to be cleaned.

It is best to leave them inflated to dry overnight, and if you think they need further cleaning, spray them with vinegar and water and leave them in the sun, then wash them well with water.

4. Wet towels

They may be the item that takes up most of our time during the summer because they are everywhere. It is better to wash them in the washing machine or only in the dryer if they are not dirty. Every time you do laundry, put the towel in it, otherwise it will probably be scattered all over the house, it can get an unpleasant smell, and you certainly don't want to wear such a towel to the beach.

5. Portable coolers

We take them everywhere on vacation, and it shows at the end of the day by the amount of dirt on them. It is best to clean them by emptying them and rinsing them with water, before discarding any remaining food. Leave to dry in the sun.

6. Glasses, flip flops, bathing suits…

We need it all to enjoy the beach, and sometimes it's a real job to collect it all in one bag. So that you don't have to look for them all over the house, it's smart to designate one place where everything you need for the beach will be kept. When you find it, introduce it to all the members at home and warn them to put everything back in its place after use.


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