Six pensioners fainted at Lepa Brena's concert, the ambulance also responded

beautiful bra
Beautiful Brena/ Photo: Printscreen/Instagram

Folk singer Lepa Brena gave two concerts in Nedelishke, Croatia. The folk star sang as part of the "Mesap Autumn 2022" event, and a large number of her fans came to hear and see her.

As the Croatian portal writes "24 Hours", the hall was full, but due to sound problems the visitors could not hear her well. The singer tried to solve it, but failed.

All generations came to Brenna's concert, there were children, teenagers, their parents, and grandparents. According to media reports, Brenna's concerts were attended by a large number of pensioners, and the emergency services responded to one concert because of them..

Namely, six of them fell unconscious, while one pensioner was in full force. He jumped over the fence and onto the stage. Security responded, but the singer asked not to touch him, so he stayed on stage and watched Brenna up close as she performed her greatest hits.

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