Six fans were killed in a stampede in Cameroon

The stampede happened at the moment when the fans were pushing to approach the "Olembe" stadium / Photo: Printscreen / Youtube / SEA Today News

At least six fans were killed in a stampede outside the Yaounde stadium, where the African Cup of Nations quarter-final between hosts Cameroon and the Comoros was being played.

According to world media reports, at least six people were killed and about 40 were injured in the stampede that occurred at a time when fans were pushing to approach the Olembe Stadium to watch the match of their national team.
The governor of central Cameroon, Nasser Paul Bia, fears the death toll could rise.

- Some of the injured are in a desperate situation. "We have to evacuate them to a specialist hospital," said Olinga Prudens, a nurse at Jaunde Hospital.
According to officials, about 50.000 fans wanted to attend the match. Olembe Stadium has a capacity of 60.000 spectators, but due to restrictions may not have more than 80 percent of the total capacity.



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