Six years since the death of the charismatic Ljupka Dimitrovska

Ljupka Dimitrovska
Ljupka Dimitrovska / Photo: Screenshot, YouTube

Today marks six years since the death of Ljupka Dimitrovska, the charismatic Macedonian singer who conquered all of Yugoslavia.

Music career

Dimitrovska was born in Skopje on July 25, 1946. Towards the end of the sixties of the last century, she moved to Croatia to realize her big musical dream.

She gained her greatest popularity in the seventies and eighties of the last century, when she became one of the most adored pop music singers throughout Yugoslavia.

Her song titled "Chibu, Chiba" became a big musical hit in 1969, and her husband signed on as the composer and producer of the song. Nikica Kalogjera. The proof of the success of this song was the great attention from the public, but also the fact that it was sold in 23 European countries and was sung in 23 languages.

Our talented Ljupka managed to release as many as nine music albums during her career. Her first album entitled "Ljupka" was released in 1975, and with each successive album she had more and more success.

The regional audience will remember her for the songs "Chibu, chiba", "Tvoya barka mala", "I want you, a on mene neche", "Adio", "Nema više lyubavi", "Godine nisu vajne", etc. The song "Zvona, zvonat", performed in 1990 at the Macedonian music festival "Makfest", will remain forever in the hearts of Macedonian lovers of fun music.

In the field of comedy, Dimitrovska had great success in Yugoslavia, but also abroad, specifically in Czechoslovakia, Greece, Germany and France.

Private life

Ljupka Dimitrovska got married at the age of 22, with the famous Croatian composer, conductor and producer Nikica Kalogjera.

Her husband was one of the biggest musical names on the Yugoslav music scene and one of the trademarks of the Split Music Festival, an event that has traditionally been held every summer in Split since 1960 until today.

Ljupka and Nikica were in an extremely happy marriage, filled with a lot of support and understanding. They were inseparable from the very beginning until the composer's death in 2006. Their imminent separation is something that affected the singer a lot. During their life together, they became parents of daughter Nika.

Ljupka Dimitrovska, who lived in Zagreb until the end of her life, left us on October 3, 2016.

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