The head of the British army says that Ukraine is in trouble, and its counteroffensive can be expected next year

Sir Tony Radakin / Photo EPA-EFE/ANDY RAIN

The head of the British armed forces has said that Ukraine will run out of ammunition unless the West decides to send more aid. It will take a few more months, and during that time Ukraine will only be able to defend itself, says Admiral Sir Tony Radakin at a conference in London. He did not directly comment on French President Macron's proposal to send troops to Ukraine, but stressed the need for immediate assistance, writes The Guardian.

The military leader said Ukraine was facing a difficult situation on land, where the army lacked ammunition and supplies. Republicans in Congress have halted the delivery of US aid, and Europe is still not making up for the shortfall. US President Joe Biden met with Congress leaders yesterday at the White House. They discussed aid to Ukraine. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the meeting was "intense."

Radakin says NATO members are discussing "how to strengthen support for Ukraine," and news on the issue is expected during the NATO summit in Washington in July. He said Russia was capturing small territories, such as the eastern town of Avdeevka, which they captured after five months of battle.

Fierce fighting is now taking place near Chasiv Yar, another town in the Donbass region, from where Ukrainians withdrew last year after the fall of Bakhmut. "Fierce battles are ongoing on the edges of the villages of Ivanivske and Bogdanivka in the east," said Ukrainian military spokesman Ilya Yevlash.

"I think this situation will last at least a few more months," concluded Radakin.

He indicated that Ukraine would not be able to launch a counteroffensive until late summer or, more likely, early next year.

French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that sending troops to Ukraine should not be ruled out, although he emphasized that the allies have not reached a consensus on this issue.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's spokesman said that Great Britain does not plan to send troops, and the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain and some other Western countries also said that.

Radakin said the Ministry of Defense has no plans to introduce mandatory military service. "We are not on the verge of war with Russia. We are not facing an invasion. "No one in the Ministry of Defense talks about recruitment in the traditional sense of the word," stressed Radakin.

Radakin claims that Russia is fully occupied by the war in Ukraine and that it does not pose a military threat to Britain or the eastern members of NATO. It could pose a serious threat if it replenishes its reserves of tanks, armored vehicles, long-range missiles and artillery and withdraws from a long and difficult war, Radakin explained.

"I'm not saying Russia isn't dangerous," the admiral added. "She has shown that with aggression inside and outside her country, but at the same time she is much less capable than we expected."

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