Šapić re-elected mayor of Belgrade

Aleksandar Sapic
Aleksandar Sapic / Photo: Facebook, Aleksandar Sapic

Aleksandar Šapić, the candidate of the ruling coalition of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) at today's session of the Belgrade City Hall, has been re-elected as the mayor of the capital of Serbia, the MIA correspondent from Belgrade reported.

After last week's constitution of the assembly of the city of Belgrade, at which Nikola Nikodijevic from SPS was elected as the new president, he proposed the current mayor Aleksandar Šapić as the new mayor of Belgrade in today's session before the joint coalition "Aleksandar Vucić-Belgrade Tomorrow".

64 out of 82 councilors voted for Shapic's election. At the suggestion of Šapić, Vesna Vidović was appointed as his deputy.

Savo Manojlovic, the leader of the "Kreni-permeni" movement, stated that this advisory group will not participate in the work of the Belgrade City Hall, until the opposition councilors from the "We Choose Belgrade" coalition did not support the election of Šapić.

According to the results of the elections in Belgrade held on June 2, the electoral list "Aleksandar Vucic-Belgrade tomorrow" has a majority of 64 mandates in the City Hall, which includes 110 board members.

The list "Savo Manojlovic-I am Belgrade" won 21 board seats, the opposition coalition "We Choose Belgrade" 14 councilors, the list "We are the strength of the people - Dr. Branimir Nestorovic" has 10 mandates, and the minority "Russian Party" in the city hall has one board member.

In the June elections for the city of Belgrade, the largest opposition parties - SSP of Dragan Djilas, DSS of Milos Jovanovic, the movements Heart and Together - boycotted the elections.

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