A chance to continue the reconstruction: Councilors should agree to the Government taking over the Universal Hall

Universal Hall / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

The initiative for the temporary assignment of the user right of the Universal Hall facility from the City of Skopje to the Government has finally been put on the agenda of the City Council and the councilors should make a statement about it at tomorrow's session. The advisory group of the SDSM and the coalition submits this time supported by the letter of intent that the Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska sent to the coordinators of the advisory groups a month ago, which requests time to hand over the building until the completion of the reconstruction.

Bearing in mind that for the previous reconstruction the funds were provided by the Government of RSM, which are not sufficient for the completion of the reconstruction, with the Initiative we propose that the Council adopt a Decision on the temporary transfer of the user right of the building of the University of Universal Hall from the City of Skopje to the Government of RSM , in accordance with the Law on the use and disposal of things in state property and things in municipal property and the Law on Building. The Decision will regulate the assignment of the user right, which will be of a temporary nature, until the completion of the reconstruction, after which the City of Skopje will regain the user right - the Initiative says.

For the implementation of the decision, it will be necessary to change the investor, from the City of Skopje to the Government of the RSM, for which it will be necessary to conclude a special agreement that will regulate the rights and obligations of both parties.

If the councilors accept the Initiative tomorrow, then Mayor Danela Arsovska, the Department of Legal Affairs and the Department of Urbanism and Planning should prepare a draft decision for the temporary cession of the Universal Hall within 7 working days and submit it to the Council at the next session for adoption, and after the adoption of the Decision, within 7 days to prepare an Agreement for the change of the investor, from the City of Skopje to the Government of RSM.

The reconstruction of the Universal Hall, which has been closed to visitors for 7 years, has been stopped after a year ago Arsovska indicated that the project being worked on had errors and that corrections should be made. Finances are also a problem, which according to the mayor, the government provided only for the facade and not for the interior of the building. If the Initiative is adopted, there is hope that reconstruction will continue, after which the facility would be operational again.

On the agenda of tomorrow's session is the Initiative submitted by the advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition for the Reconstruction of Macedonia, with which the PE "City Parking" is requested to provide the possibility of parking for persons with disabilities under the same conditions regardless of their place on living and to expand the list of diagnoses of persons with disabilities that are considered accepted when acquiring the right to preferential use.

If the "City parking" initiative is accepted, it should prepare and adopt changes to the Program for preferential use of parking services in public parking lots and areas intended for parking.

We ask for the adoption of this initiative and the proposed conclusion because on March 16, 2023, the public was made aware of a case where persons with disabilities who visit the City of Skopje from one of the other cities in the Republic of Macedonia are fined for illegal parking and park in places marked for persons with disabilities, upon properly paid parking fee. As a city of solidarity, but also a city that represents the administrative and economic center of the country, it is exemplary for the City of Skopje to ensure that persons with disabilities from all cities in the country can use the specially designated spaces for such persons in public parking lots under the same conditions - it says. in the rationale of the Initiative.

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