The champion MZT routinely defeated Gostivar and booked a semi-final with TFT

Photo: KFSM

And more than routine, MZT Skopje passed through Gostivar (96:70), for Express (3-0) in the last quarter-final.

In just three games played, MZT eliminated Gostivar in the quarter-finals of the play-offs, and practically from tonight they can think about the semi-finals in the ABA 2 league, where the double-header with the Spartak team from Subotica awaits them (the series starts on Wednesday evening, in Skopje) .

On the visit to Gostivar, the "blue and whites" from Skopje removed the dilemmas practically in the first ten minutes. Those in which they strove with high ones (26:10).

The first five of MZT Skopje played only in those ten minutes (they all found their way to the opponent's basket), in the next ten, it was the turn of the "second", while on the other side of the field, only two players Ingram (eight) scored points. and Slater (two).

Statistically speaking, Delalic with 23 points he was the most efficient player in the winning team, in which Baković scored 16, and В. Stojanovski 11 more points.

In the last match of the season for the Gostivar team, Ingram ended with 21. realized points, the return to the fields Mitevski marked it with 17 points, Williams ended with 12, a Osten with a double effect, expressed by 11. points and 13. jumps.

In the semi-final, the defender of the championship title will have the team of TFT Mozart as their opponent, while in the other semi-final the teams of Rabotnicki and Pelister will play.

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