Champions of Wrath

Blagojce Atanasoski
Blagojce Atanasoski. / Photo: Free Press Archive

It's not terrible that we ruined thirty years and many generations, what's more terrible is that we don't have the will, ambition and goal to start changing it for the better from tomorrow. We don't even have the human capacity to do it institutionally.

In an international survey, Macedonians (all citizens of Macedonia, regardless of their ethnicity) were ranked as the angriest people in Europe. Earlier, a few years ago, we were among the unluckiest, if not the unluckiest, in such similar rankings. In fact, anger and unhappiness are complementary.

I immediately commented that these topics are one of the most important that we as a society should treat, discuss and find an appropriate, efficient and effective solution, but unfortunately, we are not capable of that either, because if we were, we would not have allowed to come until this time. Only a few media reported this news, and I pointed out that like everything else, this on social networks (FB as a platform for healing the frustrations and anger of Macedonians) will be commented on the same day and that's it - according to the old Macedonian famous "every miracle for three days, with us for one."

Anger will destroy us as a nation!

And do we understand that it is essentially about the general mental health of the nation: anger is an emotion, which if you have it on a daily basis (as is the research) can develop into serious mental illnesses: depression, anxiety, panic attacks and similar conditions that destroy human life. But the dogs are barking (a few of us), the caravan is barking (the politicians are stealing and they are not very, very tiring with the anger of the people). Go to the markets, to the cash desk in the markets, wait in line at the bank, ride in public transport, walk through the streets and you will see the same picture - a disappointed and zombified people who, unfortunately, would rather die than live like this. a dog's life, unworthy of a human being, because he has already had everything. The reasons are more than well known. Three decades have passed since the declaration of the independence of Macedonia, in which with a lot of energy, will and hope we entered an era in which for the first time we Macedonians took our destiny into our own hands and we will be able to govern ourselves. What did we get thirty years later?!

A completely partisan and criminalized state, a ruined and ruined education and health system, a catastrophically low standard of living, a mafia everywhere in urbanism, health, business and politics. The results are, to me quite expected, that we are champions of anger. The nervousness that the citizens pour out on the saleswoman, the counter worker, the shopkeeper, the city bus driver, is a reaction to an accumulated anger and stress from their pitiful and miserable everyday life, which the social and institutional system has served them for these thirty years.

Let's not misunderstand: this kind of behavior (pouring out anger) on innocent workers, I not only do not justify it, but also condemn it, because it is still a reflection of domestic upbringing and culture, which, unfortunately, is lacking in our mental system. . But I understand their anger, which is channeled in the wrong place, because they consider themselves powerless to change anything, so they "take it out" on the weaker of them. When to all this is added the un-European, unprincipled, anti-civilization policy that the European Union and NATO - the two associations we aspire to and have a natural right to join, but in truth, we are pressured to do so because of higher geopolitical goals and interests - led it towards us, protecting the fascist and negationist demands of their members, and our neighbors (first Greece, now Bulgaria), who violate all international rules and norms of international political relations by denying the use of our constitutional name, language and identity markers – anger and how it is justified.

Is there salvation for us?!

These are the well-known reasons that led to such apocalyptic consequences, but is there a cure, salvation and solution?! There is, yes, let's start fixing our common "house" from the ground up, make Macedonia a decent and decent place to live, from where there is no way to run away from the black plague and mass emigration to the West.

It's not terrible that we ruined thirty years and many generations, what's more terrible is that we don't have the will, ambition and goal to start changing it for the better from tomorrow. We don't even have the human capacity to do it institutionally. We live like a wake in the wind, we make ends meet, month after month, for bills and food, and so on all our lives.

Thousands don't even have that much. That is why I was and am one of the angriest and loudest columnists and analysts who were against the so-called "French proposal", not because it will really "Bulgarianize" us, but because by accepting the caricature-absurd demands of official Sofia, we will shift the center of gravity of the European negotiations. And instead of fulfilling the foreseen Copenhagen criteria, as a last chance for things to move from a dead point in all social spheres of life and for the situation to begin to settle little by little, we will deal with abstract things, with history. Of course under the tutelage of a Brussels official.

And that official Brussels allowed the issue of Tsar Samoil, Cyril and Methodius, Grigor Prlichev, Gotse Delchev and the events of "Bloody Christmas" to be key parameters that we have to "fulfill" in order to enter the EU. A rush and such an EU, which will not bring us anything essential good: only worries, wasted energy and time and multiplication of anger. That's why I'm (most) angry!

The author is a political scientist.

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