Shaqiri: Students are required to enroll in vocational courses, that's what the companies demand

Photo: Free Press

The personnel that come out of the vocational schools are the future, the labor market requires it and it provides the probability of greater success, said the Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri during today's visit to the Regional Center for Vocational Education and Training "Mosha Piade" in Tetovo.

In anticipation of the upcoming enrollments, he called on students to enroll in vocational courses.

Young people should focus on professional directions, where through dual education they will have the opportunity to acquire skills, and after finishing school, they will be ready and competitive in the labor market.

"Mosha Pijade was transformed into a Regional Center for Vocational Education and it is one of three such centers in Macedonia that offered 8 new qualifications that companies are looking for. It is known that the young people here study dual education, that is, the young people here learn through work, which means their good preparation, which will make them competitive, so I appeal to the young people to focus. And we will support the students with scholarships for those who enroll in the professional fields", he said. Minister Shaqiri.

The "Mosha Piade" regional center in Tetovo is part of the dual education concept, but it does not offer adequate conditions to realize it. The minister promised that the school will be reconstructed and equipped.

"This school will be renovated and has an approved and prepared project, as well as complete documentation. I expect that during the year 2024 this school will be completely reconstructed and equipment will be procured for practical teaching, Shaqiri added.

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