Shaqiri: MES invests in both urban and rural areas, all children have the right to quality education

Jeton Shaqiri / Photo: Free Press Archive

The Ministry of Education and Science and the local self-governments are directed to daily cooperation because the provision of quality education is of mutual interest. This was confirmed at today's meeting line minister Jeton Shaqiri and the mayors of the municipalities of Bogovinje and Dolneni Besnik Emshiu and Urim Ibeski.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, at the meeting Shaqiri and the mayors discussed the educational process in both municipalities and ways to improve it.

Minister Shaqiri received assurances from the mayors that all municipal schools are ready for the beginning of the second semester with the physical presence of students, which is in the best interest of students. As in the first semester, the teaching will take place in compliance with the protocols and protection measures.

The mayors, as stated, asked the Ministry to continue investing in school facilities and equipment, as a condition for moving to higher standards of education of children.

Minister Shaqiri stressed that the Ministry of Education and Science invests equally in all municipalities, regardless of whether they are urban or rural areas, regardless of the ethnic composition of students, because all children have the right to quality education.

Source: MIA

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