Shahpaska urges lawmakers to adopt a legal solution to make Sunday a non-working day

Free Press / D. Mitreski

Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Shahpaska appealed MPs to make a legal decision as soon as possible to make Sunday a non-working day, which should be implemented from October 1, in order, as he said, to provide workers with a balance between professional and private life.

She informed that today in the second reading after the amendments to this legal solution, the Committee on Labor and Social Policy is discussing.

- I appeal to the MPs, because the workers are our greatest human capital to take care to enable them to establish a balance between private and professional life. I believe that the MPs will jointly adopt this legal solution and it can be applied from October 1, as provided, said Minister Shahpaska in response to a journalist question.

In order for the decision "Sunday as a non-working day" to start from the beginning of next month, the MPs will have to vote on the amendments to the Law on Labor Relations. Changes are also needed in the law on the Law on Trade, which will regulate which activities will be exceptions from the proclamation of a week as a day off for workers, what will be the daily wage and rights of those who will work on Sunday, but also how that issue will be arranged for the operation of the malls.

Source: MIA

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