"North Macedonians know that their vote means nothing," Vulin said of Macedonia's co-sponsorship of the UN Resolution on the Srebrenica genocide.

After the statement of the head of diplomacy Bujar Osmani that North Macedonia is one of the co-sponsors of the UN Resolution on the genocide in Sreberenica, in which he called on Serbia to support it, the former head of the security agency BIA and former minister of defense, the leader of the Socialist Movement, was the first to react. Alexander Vulin, who said that Macedonia could have at least refrained, if it could no longer support Serbia, reported the MIA correspondent from Belgrade.

"Serbia is the only country that borders North Macedonia and has never asked it to change its name, history, constitutional arrangement or official language. When they were called Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Skopje, we called them Macedonia. We shared medicines with them during the COVID epidemic, we gave them our supplies of grain, flour and sugar, and SOC gave the Macedonian Church independence and a name. North Macedonia thanked the Serbs for all that by recognizing the so-called Kosovo and now with enthusiastic participation in the resolution that should declare the Serbs a genocidal nation. North Macedonians know that their vote means nothing, not even when it comes to their name or language, and even less to the Serbs, so they could at least refrain if they couldn't support Serbia. North Macedonia should really change its language along with its name and history, as the Bulgarians demand, it is really stupid to use a dictionary in which there are no words for honor, gratitude, friendship, freedom, shame, conveyed the message of Aleksandar Vulin", Vecerni Novosti .

North Macedonia, together with the USA, Germany and other countries, is a co-sponsor of the resolution in the United Nations to declare July 11 as an international day of remembrance and commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995 and to mark it every year, announced today's press conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, who read the Resolution, from where the text was broadcast for the first time today by all Serbian media.

Before that, Osmani expressed his opinion that at the session of the Government he will propose exiting the Open Balkans initiative.

Technical Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi also stated today in an interview with the Pristina newspaper Economy Online that North Macedonia will vote tomorrow for Kosovo to become a member of the Council of Europe.

The Serbian head of state said these days that the priority in Serbia's foreign policy will be the fight against the adoption of the UN Resolution on Srebrenica and the admission of Kosovo to the Council of Europe.

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