North Korean peninsula 'is on the brink of nuclear war'

North Korea missile/ Photo EPA-EFE/KCNA

North Korea today accused the United States of making 2023 extremely dangerous and that the country's actions are an attempt to provoke a nuclear war.

North Korea's ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, said the West's actions could trigger a nuclear war and condemned both the US and South Korean leaders for "hysterical remarks about the conflict", which he said were raising tensions in the region.

He added that Washington is trying to create an "Asian version of NATO".

The ambassador said that North Korea has no choice but to build up its defense methods.

North Korea announced last month that it had practiced occupying South Korean territory in the event of war. The remarks came after North Korea's military said it had fired two tactical ballistic missiles from Pyongyang to practice strikes on major command centers and operational airfields in South Korea.

During his speech at the UN last week, South Korean President Jun Suk Yul warned world leaders about the recent meeting and possible cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

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