North Korea has declared an end to the pandemic, but leader Kim is shaking with a fever

Coronavirus in North Korea
Coronavirus in North Korea / Photo EPA-EFE / KCNA

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has declared victory in the fight against the coronavirus three months after the first case of an infected person was announced.

A report by the state-run KCNA agency said Kim had ordered the lifting of emergency measures introduced to combat the epidemic.

Last week, North Korean officials announced that all patients with symptoms of that viral fever had recovered, marking the end of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic that broke out in mid-May.

Kim was quoted as saying that the campaign against the virus is over, but that North Korea must remain vigilant and effectively monitor border areas.

Meanwhile, Kim's sister, Kim Yo-chan, said at the same meeting that the North Korean leader himself had symptoms of a fever, adding that the outbreak was caused by anti-North Korean propaganda leaflets distributed by South Korea, warning that in response "will be taken deadly retaliatory actions".

"Even seriously ill with a high fever, he could not lie down for a single minute as he kept thinking about the people he had to take care of until the end in the war against the epidemic," she said in eulogizing her brother for his efforts.

The country has not reported any illness or suspected cases related to the outbreak for nearly two weeks. It is not clear how many Covid-19 infections the country has registered in total.

The internationally isolated nation first officially confirmed coronavirus infections in mid-May and is facing an epidemic emergency. Since then, there has been talk of "fever cases". According to the country's own figures, almost 4,8 million such cases have been registered since the end of April. There were 74 victims, DPA reported.

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