Severina spoke after the court returned her son: I thank everyone for 28 days of love

Photo: Instagram / severina

The Croatian singer Severina Vuckovic and her former partner Milan Popovic they share custody of their son again Alexander, the singer's team confirmed.

The County Court in Split reiterated the previous final decision, according to which the father and mother are obliged to "contractually, jointly and equally exercise parental care".

Now, Severina announced through her Instagram profile after the court returned her son.

"Life has taught me that love comes back with love. It was the same in the past four weeks (from verdict to verdict). So thank you all for the incredible 28 days of love and support you have showered me with. It fed me the strength I channeled into my son. But also to help others. Different. Anyone who has experienced grief knows what it's like to live with grief. Unfortunately, I am one of those people, so I understand you all. The only help we can give each other is support! Every person who has been wronged, who is treated differently, who has no protection. Publicly, now and immediately. "To be a good society, a good country - all citizens must be equal, equal before the law, but above all equal in heart," she wrote.

The singer also announced the release of a new campaign that she is "extremely proud of".

"It is dedicated to people who are not seen as "normal", to "sick people in society", who are hardly accepted by the environment, and are the same as us. And the only "sick people from our society" are those who publicly condemn the "different", who would take away their rights and equality", the singer added.

The court returned her son to Severina: "I will not stop there, I will ask for full custody"

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