Sisters originally from Kosovo, who lived "on a high foot", caught in Belgrade with 30 kilos of marijuana

Photo: / collage: Sloboden pechat

In a police operation in Belgrade, two citizens of Slovenia were arrested, the sisters H.V. (29) and H.B. (24) originally from Kosovo, Serbian media reports.

The two young women are in custody after police officers found about 30 kilograms of marijuana in their Seat, which they said they were selling.

The police stopped the sisters and searched their car, which was driven by the older woman, and H.B. was sitting in the passenger seat. 48 packages of marijuana were found in the trunk, which were allegedly transported for resale. In total, there were about 30 kilograms of "grass" in the car.

The Serbian police published photos of the arrest of the sisters / photo: Ministry of Interior of Serbia

We are talking about a police action in which, following a tip, the car of Slovenian citizens was intercepted, after which they were arrested, says a police source for "Courier".

The suspects have been remanded in custody for up to 48 hours, and they will be brought to the competent prosecutor's office with a criminal report.

Sisters H.W. and H.B. on social networks they often published photos and videos showing how they enjoyed a luxurious life, traveled and went shopping. Judging by the photos, the younger sister is often in Munich with her husband, and sister H.V. is coming to visit them, the media reports.

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