Serbian rally against the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN

Dodik at a rally in Banja Luka/ Photo: Miomir Jakovljevic / AFP / Profimedia

The Assembly of Republika Srpska adopted the report of the Independent International Commission on Srebrenica, which denies genocide. At an all-Serb rally in Banja Luka, the announced UN resolution was rejected.

From Vladimir Putin to Ratko Mladic, from the emblem of the Republika Srpska (RS) flag to the double-headed eagle with four eyes, was the iconography of the rally in support of the resistance to the resolution on Srebrenica at the UN, which gathered about 15 thousand citizens from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dozens of buses also arrived from Serbia, as they say, to express support for Serbia and Republika Srpska.

"We came to support Serbia, the Republika Srpska and the entire Serbian people," says Sasha from Šabac, where, besides Belgrade, most citizens came from.

The rally is a response to the resolution on Srebrenica, which should be adopted at the UN in early May, and the president of RS did not mince words when presenting scenarios of what would happen if that happened.

Dodik: Alibi for Germany

"This disgusting Western world is pushing Srebrenica into political territory. He is pushing in the UN General Assembly with the intention of qualifying the Serbs as the only people in history who have done such a thing, and that is why Germany is here, to erase all the crimes of Germany in the past and those who intend to do them in the future." said Milorad Dodik, announcing what will happen on the adoption day.

"If they pass this, on the day when the decisions will be made in New York, our government and leadership will spend the whole day in Srebrenica. Let's show them that Srebrenica belongs to Republika Srpska. Bring this - you broke up Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Dodik, who told the gathered citizens that Republika Srpska will one day be part of Serbia.

The media close to the government announced that there were as many as 50.000 people at the rally, which was vigorously defended by its first man, Nenad Stevandic, at the session of the National Assembly right after the rally.

"Those 50 of yours seem to me like when a person played tennis for the first time and after 15/15, 15/13 said oh thousand", said Igor Crnadak from the opposition PDP.

"You won't even offend 50 thousand people, because I prevented 50 thousand people from insulting you," said Stevandic, who had earlier interrupted MP Nebojsa Vukanovic, who also mocked the figure of 50 thousand gathered citizens. He did not like the participation of representatives of the Serbian authorities in the rally.

"What if NATO enters the NSRS"

"We are wandering, we have no strategies, we have no plan. Some local communities are run more seriously than Republika Srpska. Don't let Alexander Vulin tell us that we cannot work together and that the RS should be disbanded. I ask Councilor and Senator Vulin, what if we make a move and NATO comes into the assembly and blocks all of this. What shall we do? Should we run away to Belgrade? I will not run away," said Vukanovic, who previously stated that the rally is only in the service of the RS authorities.

Vulin did not speak at the rally, but was present as a member of the delegation from Serbia. In contrast to him, the President of the Assembly of Serbia and until recently the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, stated that the resolution is directed against the Serbian people and that all those who claim the opposite do not have good intentions.

"Those sponsoring this resolution at the United Nations do not seek any remorse or show reverence for the war crimes committed. They demand the most severe disqualification, moral and legal, for the entire Serbian people. We are fighting against it. We are fighting against the insidious and very transparent lies that this resolution is not directed against anyone. Because it is directed against the Serbian people," said Ana Brnabic, saying that it is a fight for peace in the Balkans.

The rally, which was held in parallel with the session of the RS National Assembly, which adopted the government's report of the Independent Commission on the suffering of all peoples in the Srebrenica region from 1992 to 1995, provoked violent reactions among politicians and Bosniak associations that gather the victims. Especially in the part that refers to the adopted report, given that in one of the conclusions the qualification "genocide" was rejected as unacceptable.

Then and now

Kada Hotic, vice-president of the "Mothers of the Srebrenica and Žepa enclaves" movement, recalls that Dodik once said that genocide was committed, but today he denies it.

"These days Republika Srpska and Serbia are fighting a strong battle to prevent the passing of the resolution on Srebrenica. The resolution would only be a confirmation and seal of the truth that the world would bring. Dodik has nothing more to do. It is impudence, an uncultivated nature, without any culture. And his people should condemn him," Hotic told H1.

"I know perfectly well what happened. There was genocide in Srebrenica. This was ruled by the court in The Hague and it is an indisputable legal fact," RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik said in 2007, two years after the Srebrenica report, which was annulled in 2018. It stated, among other things, that about eight thousand Bosnian Muslims were killed in Srebrenica in 1995.

The Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina condemned the adoption of the conclusions of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, "which deny the genocide in Srebrenica, reduce the number of victims and falsify the truth."

"The adoption of the so-called report, from which some of the signed authors have distanced themselves in the meantime, does not serve the honor of the political representatives of the Serbian people", state the IZ of BiH, warning that it is precisely because of such actions that the adoption of the resolution in UN.

Crisis after crisis

"Dodik leads RS in isolation," says SDA leader Bakir Izetbegovic, a former coalition partner of Milorad Dodik.

"We are being led into living mud. The people want to be lied to, that there was no genocide, but there is no healing from lies," says Izetbegović.

The RS authorities now have only to wait for the announced adoption of the resolution at the United Nations, which should take place on May 2. Until then, it is certain that there will be plenty of room for further fueling political tensions, and new political upheavals could be caused by the package of laws that the Parliament adopted last night, among which is the entity election law. The law was adopted despite warnings from the OHR, the American Embassy and the European Union, and at the same time the deadline for adopting the amendments to the state law, which will be difficult to put on the agenda given the tense political relations in BiH, expires.

Source: Deutsche Welle/ Author: Dragan Maksimovic

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