Family seeks medical liability for 6-year-old girl: My daughter Jana died after being given glucose and sugar and rose to 19

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My daughter Jana died because the doctors gave her glucose after which her blood sugar rose at the age of 19, Stojce Hristovski, from the village of Kravari, told "Sloboden Pechat". His daughter died in the Bitola hospital yesterday, at the age of 6.

- She didn't have a temperature when we took her to the hospital, but only the day before, so we gave her syrup, and her temperature dropped. You slept at night. The next day, the family doctor was on second shift, so we took her to the hospital in the morning. In the morning in front of the hospital, she said her legs hurt and she vomited mucus on her chest. My wife called me, she couldn't find a birth mother, so we will take her to the hospital. Jana got into the car by walking, we entered the hospital. We went to the outpatient department of the children's ward. They measured her sugar, it was 9, although she does not have diabetes. They said that from what she vomited, her sugar went up to 9. In the meantime, they gave her glucose. We told the doctor that her blood sugar was 9, she said "never mind". So they gave her an infusion of pure glucose and her wife, who was in the same room as the chupeta, watched, Hristovski told "Sloboden Pechat".

He says that this was a key moment for the dramatic deterioration of his six-year-old daughter Jana's condition.

- After the infusion ran out, Jana started to lose her senses. They all panicked. They tried to give her another dose of glucose, but they failed to refresh her. Her veins burst, her blood sugar was 19 after the first infusion. They started to panic, they put her on an EKG, with the clamps, an oxygen mask on her face, my daughter started to lose herself completely. They called an anesthesiologist. We were at the door, we didn't even know what they were doing or how they were doing it. Then we watched her through the glass, she was moving her legs. When the anesthesiologist came and put something in he vomited. What is your name Jana, it suited us. After 10 minutes, that doctor was on the phone asking another doctor what to do. After that, Jana started to lose herself again. That was the last one. They urgently called the anesthesiologist again, to give her electric shocks. They could not recover it, they raised their hands after 15 minutes. They put her on a bed. We have seen this. How cut we are. They put her in intensive care, we didn't know what to do. We kept asking if she was alive, until at 15:30 they told us that she was not. She played football, did gymnastics, went for walks with her grandfather, was intelligent, read and wrote, got ready for school. He practiced, he knew how to count to 500. We are looking for medical responsibility. After the first infusion, they gave us the blood results. How can they first give her an infusion and then wait for the results?, adds Hristovski.

The director of the hospital, Aleksandar Obednikovski, previously told "Sloboden Pechat" that he told both the police and the prosecutor's office that the child was not given medicine, but only an infusion for rehydration.

- The child was brought to Bitola General Hospital yesterday at 10 o'clock in the morning. It is treated here for rehydration. While waiting for the results, he fell ill and resuscitation was performed. Unfortunately, she was not successful. The child's body has been submitted for autopsy. It came with vomiting, elevated temperature and swelling of the eyes and was treated at home for 2 days. We checked that no medicine was given, but only an infusion for rehydration, Dr. Obednikovski told us.

Asked if it is true that the girl died after being administered glucose, he said that the prosecutor's office will investigate it and that he himself reported the case to the prosecutor's office, and the doctors will provide him with written statements by tomorrow about what was given to the child. Obednikovski said that the autopsy was completed in Bitola's pathology department, but that the results will take ten days.

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