Villages: Cryptocurrencies are being dug in DUI-run schools

Photo: TV21

The leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela, tonight in the debate magazine "Click Plus" on TV21 accused of "digging" cryptocurrencies in school buildings run by cadres of the ruling Democratic Union for Integration (DUI).

"I have information that cryptocurrencies are being dug in DUI-run schools, where is the police and what are the institutions doing?" He said.

Sela says that when there is more specific information and names, he will come up with details about the accusation at a press conference.

The AA leader also added that unlike the VMRO-DPMNE politicians exposed during Nikola Gruevski's time, not a single DUI member has been convicted of abuse, even though the party has been in power with VMRO-DPMNE for ten years.

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