Sex in Older Years: Listen to Your Body Without Prejudice

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Aging has many advantages – it strengthens social skills, gives more emotional stability and the ability to rely on ourselves. With the aging process, some of the vital functions of our body become slower, but the mind becomes sharper, it says "D sheet".

Researchers have discovered several benefits of aging, one of which is a balanced sex life.

"Many women over 50 have problems with diabetes, excess weight and dry vagina. Expert advice is to focus on communication and intimacy with your partner." says Dr. Katie Propst, a gynecologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Propst suggests describing to yourself and your partner how you "feel" in a relationship in certain situations.

"Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if there are things going on in your life or in your relationship that prevent you from having intimate moments with your partner. Obstacles in the relationship affect women more than men when it comes to sex," adds the doctor.

Photo: Profimedia

Jess O'Reilly, sexologist and host of the "Sex with dr Jess" podcast points out that the desire for sex declines after the age of fifty. That's why we need to think about how much and what sex means to us in that period of life.

Propst recommends finding sensuality in food, music, and art, all of which can improve your sex life. By looking at pleasure without prejudice, you can keep your sex life active.

She also advises people not to let limiting cultural preconceptions about what constitutes "real" sex stop them from finding their way to satisfaction.

In any relationship, whether it's a one-night stand or a multi-year relationship, there are things to talk about. One of them is the open conversation about sex.

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