Each resident of the EU throws away 11 kg of clothes every year


The European Parliament adopted a strategy to ban the burning of unsold and returned textile products.

Clothing production has doubled in the last two decades, and the durability of products has decreased by 30 percent. Every year, every resident of the European Union throws away 11 kilograms of clothes, and each piece of clothing is worn an average of seven to eight times. Due to this situation, the EU is starting a series of projects that should lead to a reduction in consumption, Serbian "Politika" reported.

The strategy for sustainable textile products adopted by the European Parliament even announces the introduction of a digital document that should have all the data about the product, for example, where and when it was made, from which materials and whether it can be recycled.

According to some data, estimates are that in Germany alone, unsold clothes worth seven billion euros are destroyed annually.

According to experts, the fashion industry today functions like "fast food", and it is assumed that up to 35 percent of the global microplastics released into the oceans originate from synthetic textile products. Globally, between 200 and 500.000 tons enter the seas every year, and it is known that one of the biggest polluters on the planet is clothing because it is cheaper and cheaper, made from materials that are difficult to recycle.

The clothing and footwear industry, which employs 1,5 million workers across the EU, is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and as much as 60 percent of clothing in the EU is not produced in member states. A small percentage of used clothing is declared, and most of it ends up in landfills or is burned. Globally, less than one percent of textiles produced are recycled.

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