Always doubting themselves: Four zodiac signs with the least self-confidence

Photo: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov

People born under these four zodiac signs often struggle with low self-esteem. Their emotionality, perfectionism, sensitivity and indecision often lead them to doubt their own abilities and worth.

In the following, we find out which signs we are talking about.


Pisces are known for their deep emotionality, imagination and compassion. Their tendency to daydream and escape into the world of fantasy often leaves them unsure of the real world. Pisces are very empathetic and easily "take on" other people's emotions, which often leads them to doubt their own abilities.

The tendency to introspect and analyze their own feelings can make them overly critical of themselves. Pisces often seek validation and support from others, which can result in a lack of self-confidence. Their fragile hearts make them vulnerable to criticism, which is why they often retreat into the world of dreams, where they feel safer.

The Maiden

Virgos are a sign that is very analytical and has developed attention to detail and a desire for perfection. Virgos set high standards for themselves and often struggle with the feeling that they are never good enough. Their need for control and perfectionism can lead them to constantly worry about whether they've made the right decision or whether they've done enough.

They tend to question their every move, resulting in low self-esteem. Their pursuit of perfection often prevents them from recognizing their own successes and worth.


Cancers are very sensitive and emotional people. They are caring and protective, but their sensitivity also makes them prone to self-doubt. They often seek emotional security and support from others, which can make them dependent on external validation. Their tendency to exaggerate their own insecurities and worries often leads them to feel that they are not good enough or capable enough. Cancers tend to retreat into their protective armor when faced with criticism, which further lowers their self-esteem.


Libras are known for their pursuit of balance and harmony. They are sociable and kind, but their tendency to be indecisive often leaves them unsure of their own decisions. They are afraid of conflicts and disagreements, so they often reconsider their actions to avoid any discomfort. Their need for validation and fear of rejection make them prone to low self-esteem. Libras tend to think about all the possible outcomes and consequences of their decisions, which often paralyzes them and reduces their faith in their own abilities.

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