'Now who will watch the other children?': Father who beat his own baby to death sentenced to 20 years in prison

Photo: Criminal Court

45-year-old Suad Bayram from Skopje, the father accused of the brutal murder of his own three-month-old baby, received a prison sentence of 20 years, reported "MKD.mk".

The Basic Criminal Court of Skopje today found Bajram guilty of murder in the course of domestic violence. He admitted that he committed the murder and before the judges he expressed regret and remorse for what he had done. But after the trial ended, he lamented that it was many years in prison and said he expected a lesser sentence because, he said, "there was no one now to look after the other three minor children".

The baby died due to injuries and bleeding in the brain from the blows of the father, and the murder took place in front of the eyes of other minor children.

"Twenty years in prison is a very high sentence. I am now 45 years old and how long will I be in prison? I have three other minor children and there is no one to take care of them. I thought I would get a smaller sentence", the defendant complained to the lawyer.

On the night between September 25 and 26, while Bayram was in the home with four minor children, including the three-month-old son, he started hitting the child with his hands and feet on the head and body, inflicting multiple injuries that caused bleeding in the cranial cavity, as a result on which the three-month-old baby died.

The first-instance verdict is not final and the amount of the sentence can be appealed.

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