He threatened and sexually harassed a prosecutor from Prilep, he was detained

Public Prosecutor's Office / Photo: MIA

The Prilep Basic Public Prosecutor's Office initiated proceedings against a person who is suspected of having committed criminal acts - Sexual harassment from Article 190-a, Endangering security from Article 144 paragraph 5 and Stalking from Article 144-a paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

"During November, the suspect repeatedly uploaded text messages and live broadcasts on his Facebook profile threatening to attack the life of the basic public prosecutor of the Prilep Public Prosecutor's Office and members of her immediate family. His intention was to disturb and frighten her, based on the gender, personal, family and social status of the injured party as a Public Prosecutor. In the posts, the suspect used private and family photos of the victim without authorization. Through social networks, he directly sent messages with disturbing content to the daughter of the public prosecutor, causing her discomfort, annoyance and fear. The suspect is a person previously convicted of a criminal offense - Endangering security, and several other criminal charges have been filed against him in the recent period, which indicates the danger that he will repeat such crimes," said the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Because of that, as well as the fact that there are circumstances that indicate the danger that the suspect will be put on the run if he defends himself from freedom, the public prosecutor submitted to the judge of the preliminary procedure from the Basic Court in Prilep a proposal for determining the measure of detention, the statement added.

The proposal was accepted and the Court decided to remand him for 8 days.

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