Casinos and betting shops closer than 500 meters from schools are prohibited

Photo: Free Press

The government announced that at today's session it determined the draft law for amending and supplementing the Law on games of chance and entertainment games, proposed by the Ministry of Finance.

"In order to protect the young population, with the changes and additions, it is proposed that the business premises, that is, the payment and payment places in which the games of chance are organized, should be at a distance of no less than 500 meters from primary and secondary schools. The existing law does not determine the distance of the business premises in which the games of chance are organized from primary and secondary schools, that is, it does not establish such a criterion", the government announcement states.

Another important change in the proposal is that bookmakers, for example, if registered as such, will not be able to organize other games of chance with the same license. A tightening of the procedure for issuing gambling licenses is also announced.

"Also, among the objectives of the proposed amendments, the need to strengthen the evidence required for issuing licenses is indicated, as well as clarifying that a commercial company with one license is organizing a type of game of chance. And the fees for issuing licenses for games of chance are also increasing," added the Government.

The legal amendments are now going for adoption in the Parliament.

With the money from games of chance, the state will finance the fight against domestic violence and disability organizations

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