The daily cheap electricity tariff is returned

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Electricity / Photo: MIA

The daily cheap tariff for electricity will surely return, confirmed the president of the Regulatory Commission Marko Bislimoski. He said that the exact date from when it will start to be applied will be announced in 10 to 15 days because the talks are still ongoing and an answer from EVN is awaited as to how long it can adjust the system.

The daily cheap tariff will last for two hours, and they will be in the framework period from 11 am to 16 pm, when it turned out that there is the cheapest price of electricity due to the production of photovoltaic power plants, not only here, but also in the region in general.

- Realistically, when there are the lowest prices both here and in the region, we expect the operator of the distribution system, with whom we have already held several meetings, to tell us accurate assumptions about how the change of the meter software will go, because now we have 4 separate blocks in the expensive tariff. It will also be necessary to make a change in the "billing system" because a certain amount of electricity will not be in any of the blocks - said Bislimoski.

He explained that the cheap electricity cannot go to all users at once because most of the meters do not have a remote reading system and one has to go to the field and make a change for the possibility of a cheap tariff during the day.

– The cheap electricity will be returned as we promised when we canceled it, saying that it was only because of the extremely high prices we had then. This is neither populism nor politics, but a market solution. The logic is to buy cheap electricity from photovoltaics and to save water and coal, because we are facing a new heating season and we need to provide ourselves with electricity from domestic production - said Bisimoski, explaining that in our country they are being built at a very fast pace photovoltaic power plants, and the largest ones are still expected this year.

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