The boss of the "Leninova" bar and his employee got into a fight, and both reported that they were attacked

Photo: Free Press

A 56-year-old owner of a restaurant on "Leninova" street in Skopje was attacked yesterday by a woman, who also used a hard object, the police said. A little later, 42-year-old M.I. from Skopje reported that she was physically attacked by the owner of the establishment, ST.

"On 06.02.2023 at 19.55:56 p.m. it was reported to SVR Skopje that in front of a catering facility on "Leninova" street, a person physically attacked the owner of the facility, S.T. (XNUMX) from Skopje, while also using a hard object," they say from the Ministry of the Interior.

It is also noted in the police bulletin that:

"On 06.02.2023 at 22.00:42 p.m. in SVR Skopje, M.I. (19.25) from Skopje reported that around 56:XNUMX p.m. she was physically attacked by the owner of the facility S.T. (XNUMX) from Skopje"

The police adds that measures are being taken to clear up the case.

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