The "napoli tanks" are lined up in the area near the "Treska" factory, the sale of apartments has also started

None of the efforts of the activists have been realized, on the space near the former factory, the company "Golden Art" is already intensively building building after building, and these days, with a video animation of how the new settlement will look like, it offered citizens to buy apartments in this complex.

In the space near the former "Treska" factory, however, "wafer-thin" buildings are sprouting up, the construction of which was opposed by citizens, civil society organizations and architects for years, stating that in this central space, concreting will take away air and drafts and that greenery is necessary.

A public competition was held for what and how it will be built at "Treska", the best solutions of which were not only not implemented, but were not even presented to the public at all. The former mayor of Centar, Saša Bogdanović, during whose mandate the competition was held, promised that he would not allow the construction of the previously planned buildings, that adjustments would be made between DUP and GUP.

 There in the previous plan from 2012, there is zero percent greenery drawn, everything is buildings, which I call "wafers", which are just concrete and nothing more. This concept that we are now considering and which we expect to result in a definitive competitive solution, will give a new form of planning, that is, it will give the opportunity to meet the needs and parameters that will arise from the GUP, but also to incorporate some principles with which we we are fighting - said Bogdanović at the time.

Photo: Printscreen from video animation by "Golden Art"

However, none of the activists' efforts have been realized, and the construction of buildings has been going on for months in the space near the former factory. The company "Golden Art" is already intensively building building after building, and these days, with a video animation of what the new neighborhood will look like, it offered citizens to buy apartments in this complex. It caused stormy reactions on social networks.

Why did we have a competition for the "Treska" factory? Why the "Treska" factory should not have been resolved according to an illegal DUP approved by the Constitutional Court and by the Ministry of Transport and with permits from the current leadership of the Municipality of Centar? So that we don't get the Golden Art solution! In order to get creative solutions in the competition, according to which a new plan will be made! Investor urbanism won and ruined the space forever. They are still bragging about the solution - pointed out from "Shansa za Centar".

Photo: Golden Art

The citizens' initiative and its advisers in the Council of the Municipality of Centar have been opposing for a long time and are trying to prevent the construction of the buildings outlined in the current DUP at "Treska". For this DUP Bunjakovec 1 and 2, a report for suspension was drawn up by the professional service of the Municipality of Centar, precisely because of the inconsistency of the plan with the General Urban Plan, and a competition was also announced for the selection of a conceptual solution for the site of the "Treska" factory. The architect Danica Pavlović Tsigi, publishing a photo of the appearance of the new complex, pointed out that this is exactly what the architects and citizens were fighting against.

The Constitutional Court did not initiate proceedings for "Treska": the Constitution can be changed, but the DUP cannot, "Chance for Center" reacts

And the people of Skopje are not thrilled with the buildings that are springing up in the strict center. They say that the buildings look like Chinatown or a settlement from the socialist period, with uniform buildings with monolithic architecture that do not meet the standards of urban living. According to them, there is not enough air, there is no natural circulation, there is no greenery, and according to what is shown, there will not be enough parking spaces for the future residents.

I advocated that it not be like this, I repeated countless times at public gatherings that this is substandard living, that there is no open and ventilated public space, there is not enough greenery, there is no space for children to play, rest and recreation... but in vain, those who decided, no they could or didn't want to realize it or they too were comfortable supporting investors greedy only for profit, and the first-ranked competition solution offered all this with small concessions. Rich investors will live and enjoy their haciendas, and, unfortunately, future residents, mostly young people, will live in this urban chaos - architect Bato Radonjic commented on Facebook.

The owners of the plots near "Treska" announced the appearance of the settlement, Centar still does not have the project

Already last summer, a visualization of the space was published for the first time, with an explanation that a modern complex with low-rise residential buildings with quality architecture will be built on the site of "Treska", which will leave a striking mark in the surroundings, with landscaped greenery, modern urban equipment, inter-block parks and sports fields. Who and how prepared this visualization was not announced anywhere, but from the Municipality of Centar, when asked by "Sloboden Pechat", they explained that the project and the visualization were presented by the owners of the land that is within the construction plots.

In the meantime, the space at "Treska" was cleared, the existing old buildings were demolished, and in September, the company "Golden Art" began to build the first building on this space, for which the Municipality of Centar issued a construction permit.

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