They scatter billions like firecrackers

Sonja Kiridzievska
Photo: Dragan Mitrevski / Free Press

From the bidding of politicians with billions, little remains as added value in raising the standard and quality of life of citizens. Because the promised billions in investments easily became billions in debt. For future generations!

The courting of the parties to the citizens with the right to vote, called the pre-election campaign, has not even officially started, and the politicians, both from the government and from the opposition, are already bidding with millions, even billions, who "will turn the state into a promised land".
The leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, went on the offensive, no less, with a promise of about one billion euros of investments in the municipalities for four years, while the government, on the other hand, only for the project "corridors 8 and 10d" announced investments of at least 1,3, XNUMX billion euros.

Higher salaries, pensions, lower prices, more drugs on the positive list, more places in kindergartens, new nursing homes are just an addition to the big numbers that make your head spin. Anti-crisis measures are being promoted these days, which should cover as many as 400 thousand citizens, and the Government is leaving some moves for later (the pensions will increase in March, so there is nothing pre-election here, because it happens to coincide with the regular increase).
VMRO-DPMNE, on the other hand, promises a linear increase of MKD 5.000 for more than 300.000 pensioners, the construction of a production center for the production of basic energy, the opening of development research centers for young people, which does not correspond to the promise of low taxes.

Or at least Mickoski does not say how the budget will be filled with low taxes and a clean economy in order to realize all his imagined projects that he is already promoting in the framework of the campaign "It's important!" Changes depend on you." Those projects, as announced, will be part of the election program of VMRO-DMMNE for the parliamentary elections in 2024.

Prime Minister Kovacevski replied with a "fine" indication that "it is not a way to promise pensioners a one-time increase before elections". In support of what he said, he said that for the coming year, in the Budget for 2024, an additional 100 million euros more than this year are planned for pensions.
The politicians' promises have reached the point where they are talking about the same projects. For example, about the highway from Veles - Bitola through Prilep, we heard from Zaev, and now also from Mickoski. The leader of the opposition party considers this project to be key in the strategy for the reconstruction and revitalization of the 1.000 km long road infrastructure, worth two billion euros.

The road called desire is an old idea, dating back to the last century, and Zaev has reached the furthest point in realization by developing an idea solution. The road from idea to realization is long and difficult to overcome. Just like the field between Veles and Prilep.
In the area of ​​tax policies. At the beginning of the mandate, SDSM started with progressive taxation, but then returned to the old solution with a flat tax. Tax reforms are a big bite for any government.

Although new solutions are being offered again. VMRO-DPMNE even reducing flat taxation. However, it is difficult to find the right model that will be the most suitable for our society.
Whatever tax policy is introduced, it will be difficult to fill the budget. Therefore, as a state, we constantly borrow money to meet all the needs of the citizens, and during the rebalancing of the budgets, capital investments are the first to be shot, precisely those that bring development and are of the greatest interest to the businessmen, and finally to the citizens.
At the end of the nineties of the last century, political fairy tales and fables began with the cult billion of Vasil Tupurkovski and the "Taiwanese story". The billions, expanded and upgraded, culminated during the reign of Nikola Gruevski with promises of eight and even ten billion euros of investments.

Next came Zaev's five billion euros, and from all this, the citizens actually saw nothing.
No party will admit that squandering public money is buying votes. In the meantime, the debt of the state has exceeded 5,5 billion euros, and the scattering with promises of billions of investments does not stop.
From the bidding of politicians with billions, little remains as added value in raising the standard and quality of life of citizens. Because billions instead of investments easily became a debt for future generations.

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