Work is underway to evacuate Macedonian students from the destroyed city of Kahramanmarash


A diplomat from the Macedonian embassy in Ankara is already headed to the Turkish region affected by the devastating earthquake, to organize the evacuation of the eight Macedonian students, two of whom are injured, and their mentor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed.

- According to the instructions of the MFA, a diplomat from the Embassy in Ankara has already been sent to the region to help evacuate students from the city of Kahraman Marash, as well as to provide information and presence directly on the ground in the most endangered parts for possible additional interventions - the MFA said.

The two injured are part of the group of students who are staying in that country through the "Erasmus Plus" program. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the embassy in Ankara and the general consulate in Istanbul, has already provided information and contacted the nine Macedonian citizens who are in the threatened region.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement, one of the injured students has more serious injuries, a fracture that is currently being repaired by medical personnel, while the second student has minor injuries. None of the students and the mentor are in danger.

The Ministry reminds that the diplomatic missions in Turkey are available 24 hours a day for all possible questions, on the phone numbers: +905394569710 in Ankara, +905456149777 in Istanbul, and + SOS phone of the MFA in Skopje 38975273732.

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