The cult hotel "Yugoslavia" is for sale, the starting price is 27 million euros

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Bankrupt debtor "Danube Riverside" is being sold at a public tender as a legal entity, at an initial price of just over 27 million euros. The most important assets of the bankrupt debtor, as stated in the sale announcement, are the building of the "Yugoslavia" hotel in Nikola Tesla Boulevard and a share in the ownership of construction land on cadastral plot 2442/1 (Cadastral Municipality of Zemun) where the hotel is located, it is written H1.

Towers up to 155 meters rise next to Hotel Yugoslavia. The area of ​​the entire plot is 45.613 square meters, of which 13.981 square meters are under buildings. In addition to the bankrupt debtor "Danube Riverside", the holder of the right to the mentioned plot is also the company "MV Investment" from Belgrade, which is 100% owned by "Millennium Team". It is added that the legal demarcation, in terms of determining the co-ownership shares of the land, has not been carried out, as well as the physical division of the land, so the assessment of the property's value is made under a special assumption.

The advertisement also states that litigation proceedings are being conducted before the Commercial Court in Belgrade following the contested claim of the port of Belgrade A.D. cadastral plot 2442/1 KO Zemun, which constitutes the property that enters the legal entity. Among other things, it should be pointed out that within the Hotel "Yugoslavia" there is a ceiling chandelier which, by the decision of the Museum of Applied Art, is marked as a property that enjoys the previous protection of the Museum, and is part of the estimated property. The deadline for the purchase of the sales documents, at a price of three million dinars, is March 11, while the deposit to the bankruptcy debtor's account should be paid by March 15 at the latest. The public tender will be held on March 22 at 12:XNUMX, in the "Yugoslavia" hotel.

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