A part of the world-famous Croatian "island of love" is for sale

Galeshniak/ Photo: Ivan Kuznetsov / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Part of Galesnjak, the world-famous Croatian heart-shaped island known as the "island of love" is now for sale. The owner's representative revealed to Dnevnik Nova TV that the first requests from customers have already arrived, but anyone buying an island should also be aware of the numerous legal restrictions regarding the construction and use of the purchased land.

"Several families are selling, which would remain anonymous." Price? 10 million euros," said Silvestro Cardum, representative of the owner.

The heart-shaped Love Island is one of our most famous attractions. It is a mecca for the rich and famous who never miss a visit. It was also on the Forbes list of the most romantic destinations for Valentine's Day. 33.000 square meters are for sale. According to the owner's representative, among the first requests received were domestic and foreign investment companies.

"For now, nothing can be built." The spatial plan can always be changed. According to the law, if you have more than 3 hectares of agricultural land in one piece, permission can be requested for 400 square meters of surface and 1.000 square meters of underground construction area. Whatever is done there will go well – a restaurant, a villa, for a tycoon to come and enjoy," Kardum said.

The mayor of the Pashman municipality confirms that no construction is planned on the island. And whoever buys islands should also know the legal regulations.

"The island is not for sale, but the land on the island is." The whole island cannot be sold, but only the land on the island, because maritime property is not subject to sale, it is a public good. There is also the right of first redemption, the state passed a law in 2006 and there are instruments and the right to buy something or to limit that purchase," said Nikica Begonja from the Professional Association for Real Estate Trade HGK Zadar.

The owner's representative is also familiar with the first-time buying process, so he says he'll talk about it when they find a buyer.

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