Aki Rahimovski's manager announced: It seems that the cause of death is a weak heart, the singer had 6 stents

Aki Rahimovski / Facebook
Aki Rahimovski / Facebook

The son of the now deceased Aki Rahimovski, Kristijan Rahimovski in recent days he had a premonition that his father's health was deteriorating. The manager Damir Osredecki and he found out about Aki's death shortly after 13 pm, Croatian news reported "Morning".

The manager told the public that the son had a hard time receiving the news.

"Christian feels very bad and is not able to talk. "Every day they listened to Aki and a few days ago he told me that he was afraid of his father, because he saw that he was not well," said Damir.

Few people know that in 2018 Aki suffered a stroke, but after a few months, he openly talked about how he recovered from the disease. He then stated that he had changed his life habits, although it was difficult for him, but he still felt good. His manager told the public that the reason for the sudden deterioration in his health today was allegedly due to his heart, because Aki had six stents implanted.

When his condition worsened this morning, he was immediately hospitalized, but after a few hours, unfortunately, Aki died. The sad news was spread by all Balkan media, and on the official Facebook page of the band "Parni Valjak" a black and white photo of Aki with the last greeting and a verse from a song appeared.

The singer of "Parni Valjak" Aki Rahimovski died at the age of 67

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