Severina also spoke: Due to pressure from the ex-partner, they came to my mother's home

Photo: Instagram/Severina/Igor Kojić

Once Severin was wrongly convicted with a fine for insulting and belittling a social worker last year, her public relations team also announced. They say that Severina did not insult the social worker and that she will appeal the court decision.

"Severina did not insult, but protested because of the illegal actions of the Center for Social Concerns and announced that she would report them and publicly announce their illegal actions. Severina will certainly appeal this decision." her team told Croatian "Index".

They say that in this case we are talking about a worker at the Center for Social Concerns, in whose procedure a series of errors were determined. "It is about a social worker, who was found by the administrative supervision to have made a series of errors in the procedures, which is why the Center for Social Concerns where she worked has been changed, and now the matter is handled by another center," Severina's team says.

As for the case in which Severina was wrongfully convicted, from her public relations team, they say that it was a conversation that took place between the singer and the worker, after Severina was notified that the Center for Social Concerns would come to collect them. check the conditions in which her mother lives.

"In this particular case, we are talking about a conversation with the social worker after Severina was informed that she would come to surveillance to check the conditions in which her mother lives, although previously the same social worker claimed that she would ignore her sister's report, because she they saw the mother in her home and saw that the woman was fine and that she was taken care of. But due to pressure from a former financially powerful partner, for which there is also written evidence, the Center still decided to come to the premises where Severina's mother lives, which was humiliating for the 86-year-old woman whom the singer cares about," said the team of Severina.

The surveillance determined that Severina was taking care of her mother.

"The surveillance, of course, found that Severina takes care of her mother, just as she takes care of her child in the best possible way from birth. By the way, Severina's sister had not seen their mother for years before that, and Severina, in addition to taking care of her mother and child, has been taking care of her sister's daughter since she was 19 years old," explains Severina's team.

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