Matthew's girlfriend announced: He does not take drugs and does not cause problems, I know who I am in a relationship with

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The girlfriend of the missing man from Split Matej Periš in a statement to "Kurir" explains what happened before he left for Belgrade for the New Year's Eve and why she did not come with him to the Serbian capital.

Matej, 27, disappeared on the night between December 30th and 31st, when he and his friends were in a nightclub in Belgrade. The search continues, and new information is emerging hour by hour.

"I do not know what to tell you. He is the boy in the black sneakers, he is not in the white ones. He is not in the water, you should know that, it is known that the recording is old. "I know that Matej has never done such incidents or madness before, I know who I am in a relationship with," said the girl named Sanja.

She explains that Matej was excited and happy to be going to Belgrade for the New Year and that he had been planning it for six months. She did not want to go with him, because he was with a man and there was no point in going with her.

"There were no problems between us," said Sanja, who is adamant that Matthew was not a problem boy at all, did not take drugs and never made similar excesses.

She last heard from Matthew on December 30, when he sent her a video message at around 21:30 p.m.

"My phone went off and I was at work. I came home around midnight and answered the message, so I went to bed. I woke up around seven in the morning and saw that he had not sent me a good night message when he returned from going out. "Then I wrote to him again and asked him if everything was fine," the girl told "Kurir".

But there was still no answer and she wrote to him again around 14 pm, again without success.

"I was wondering if he might not be sleeping that long. Then, later in the afternoon, I heard from his friends, who told me that he was missing, that his jacket was left, that they did not know what had happened. "They were frantic."

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