"I took a sip and immediately felt that it was not water": Patient poisoned with a corrosive agent admitted to Toxicology

Toxicology Clinic and Emergency Internal Medicine
Toxicology and Emergency Internal Medicine Clinic / Photo: Free Press Archive

Doctor Ridwan Bajrami, director of the Toxicology Clinic for "Sloboden Pechat", confirms that the hospital received a patient from Bitola two days ago, who said that he was poisoned in a cafe after ordering sour water and drinking only one sip.

Director Bajrami is determined that the doctors are neither policemen nor prosecutors to determine the truth of the statement of the patient whom they admitted, but that it was definitively discovered in the hospital with analyses, that the patient had a corrosive agent in his organism. It is also definite that the patient, over 40 years old, gave a statement in the hospital, that his internal organs started to burn after he drank from the "water".

- He says "I took a sip and felt that it wasn't water". The patient has intoxication with a corrosive agent. We don't know how it happened, but he makes such a statement that he was in a cafe and when he opened the water, he felt from the first sip that it was not water. The police and the prosecutor's office have been notified, we cannot establish the truth of what he says, but the patient gives such information. There is a corrosive agent in the system, tests have been started, the patient is under observation. With these means, the consequences are felt later, so it must be observed. A narrowing of the esophagus and the stomach may occur as a consequence, but everything will depend on what stage it is in, Dr. Bajrami told "Sloboden Pechat".

From the Toxicology Clinic they confirmed in the afternoon that it is poisoning with potassium and sodium hydroxide, the two percent solution of which is used as a dishwashing agent.

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