Vasilev's new government is simmering, only the program has been agreed, but not the names of the new ministers

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It is certain that the parties Continuing with the changes, BSP and Democratic Bulgaria will enter the new Bulgarian government of the incumbent Asen Vassilev, but it is uncertain whether the new coalition government will get the majority of 121 deputies from the current composition of the National Assembly of Bulgaria. For that, they also need the seven MPs who broke away from yesterday's government coalition partner There is such a people, as well as the support of five other MPs. Today the leader of the opposition GERB Boyko Borisov accused of attempts to buy parliamentary votes.

The government program for the new coalition in Vasilev's cabinet is expected to be ready today, but the names of the ministers in the proposed cabinet, as well as the distribution of seats among the coalition partners, are still not clear.

"We continue with the changes" (PP), BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria" agreed to write a clear document with concrete goals and deadlines for implementation, and the deadline is the end of the year.

The idea is that in the next 6 months the 47th National Assembly will be able to change the laws necessary to withdraw European money from the Recovery Plan. The reform of the Anti-Corruption Commission is also a priority.

Asen Vasilev has until Friday to implement the mandate, otherwise the baton will be handed over to GERB-DPS, but they categorically stated that they will return the second mandate.

MPs plus are wanted to support Vasilev's government

Purely mathematically, if the government coalition is formed, in the National Assembly from the parties We continue with the changes, DB, BSP and the seven independent deputies from ITN, a total number of 116 deputies will be reached, and five more will be missing for the necessary 121 votes to approve the government of Vasilev.

This figure is the goal of Asen Vasilev and "Promenata", because support is not only required for the promotion of the new government, but also for 7-8 important laws. Therefore, the option of dropping the quorum was not considered.

- In reality, the government passes with the support of 50%+1 of all MPs present in the plenary hall. And it can be easily chosen, because it is rumored that a foreign embassy has made soundings among the opposition to help with the absence of their deputies from the hall, so that Asen Vasilev's cabinet can pass. But it was not the election that mattered to him, but the voting of the laws afterwards. Therefore, the candidate for prime minister continued the talks with the MPs from all groups. He stated this himself after consultations with BSP and DB. He is only adamant that he will not talk to Slavi Trifonov and Toshko Jordanov, commented the Bulgarian media.

Kiril Petkov told the journalists that at the moment several MPs have to decide to whom they will be loyal - to the party and their leader or to Bulgaria.

"We stand by our promises not to talk to the four with whom we refused to negotiate from the beginning. All others are invited to talks. 121 – we will see. Several people have to decide who they are loyal to - to their party and leader, who in my opinion did not fulfill his promise to the people, or to all of us who have a responsibility to Bulgaria. This is a chance not to enter into a political crisis," said the resigned Bulgarian Prime Minister in a statement to Nova TV.

BSP and PP have come to an agreement

We continue with the changes, reached an agreement with the BSP to participate in the new government. According to the MP of BSP, prof. Rumen Gechev in Bulgaria IN ETER, there are certain disagreements between the coalition partners, but cooperation is possible in the economic and social spheres, as well as the key ones in dealing with crime and corruption.

"Overcoming differences will be difficult, but not impossible." The "red lines" are the social and economic policy of the Government. We have divergence in some foreign policy emphases of our partners. BSP cannot accept the expulsion of 70 diplomats and technical staff of the Russian embassy. Is it important for the Bulgarian business where the electricity is produced? It is important for us to have favorable conditions for business. Mr. Petkov made a gross mistake and took actions that do not fit into our pre-contract. He did not consult with his partners about such actions that are likely to have serious economic consequences, emphasized Prof. Gotcha.

He emphasized that the positions in the new cabinet are not the most important. Asen Vasilev is satisfied with the work of the 4 BSP ministers and the expectations of the socialists are that they will be preserved, the deputy specified.

"Most likely, the same ministers will remain. There are voices that it was more beneficial for BSP to end the thread and go for elections. Let's throw the country to elections in these difficult conditions. It is better for the party not to worry, but to prepare for the elections. There is nothing fatal about going to the elections," concludes the socialist.

Vasilev and Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

"There is no obstacle for the prime minister to be the minister of finance, it happened in other countries as well." I cannot say what proposal "We continue with changes" will make for the Ministry of Finance. In the initial coalition format, in fact it is a department of the PP, said MP from BSP Filip Popov.

- Asen Vasilev could have been a better prime minister if he had learned from the mistakes of Kiril Petkov and the coalition, Popov believes. He pointed out the broken communication as the biggest mistake of the current government. Popov is optimistic about the formation of a new cabinet.

Filip Popov also comments that the protests in Skopje show that the French proposal may not be so bad for Bulgaria, but there are still demands.

"There is some progress, but not enough. In the end, we have to see what the Macedonian government will do - whether it will accept it or not. In Bulgaria, the topic also remains open."

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