Eaten 30 minutes before a meal: A handful of this food lowers blood sugar levels

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Two new studies have found that consuming a handful of almonds 30 minutes before a meal can help lower blood sugar levels. One study tested the impact of consuming almonds before a meal for three months, and the other for three days.

In the first study, it was shown that consuming 20 grams of almonds before breakfast, lunch and dinner for three months reversed prediabetes to normal blood sugar levels in almost a quarter of the participants.

"In this study, we report that the inclusion of almonds (20 grams) 30 minutes before the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) leads to a significant reduction in postprandial hyperglycemia and insulin levels. It also leads to statistically significant reductions in body weight, body mass index, waist circumference and improvement in postural strength. There is a promising reversal effect on the reversal of normal glucose regulation, similar to acarbose and metformin," the research report states.

The other study found further evidence that almonds can help fight prediabetes, with researchers seeing an 18 percent reduction in hyperglycemia levels, indicating improved blood sugar regulation.

"The results of our studies indicate that almonds may be a key differentiator in helping to regulate blood glucose levels as part of a nutritional strategy," the study states.

"These results show that simply adding small servings of almonds before each meal can rapidly and dramatically improve glycemic control in people with prediabetes in just three days. Consuming 20 grams of almonds 30 minutes before an oral glucose load showed a significant reduction in blood sugar. The nutritional composition of almonds, which contain fiber, monounsaturated fat, zinc and magnesium work together to provide better glycemic control and reduce hunger. Our results provide a promising dietary strategy to reduce the progression of prediabetes and return people to normal glucose regulation," the scientists explained in the study.

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