Is a majority formed against the technical government?

 It is possible that the technical government will not be elected, if 44 deputies of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition vote "against" or "abstain", plus Pavle Trajanov from the Democratic Union, who also declared that he is against, plus eight deputies of the Alliance for Albanians , six MPs from the European Union for Change and two from the Left.

Is it possible that 100 days before the elections, the Parliament does not have a majority to vote for the technical government? The dilemma arose after VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced that the opposition MPs may not support the Przhinsk government, and a senior official from the ruling Alliance for Albanians briefed "Sloboden Pechat" that they too play that card if the government partners do not support him. their candidate for the State Election Commission. In such a case, the option of the government not having 61 votes for a technical government could be real.

To what extent Mickoski's announcement, and especially the ruling Alliance's, is real, or just a form of pressure to achieve a better pre-election position, will be known after the election of a member of the State Election Commission, or on January 28, when it has to be elected the Przyna government.

After the government rejected VMRO-DPMNE's proposal to abolish the technical government, after which Mickoski did not raise the issue at the leadership meeting, he hinted in an interview with Shenja TV that it is possible that they will not support the Przyna government. The opposition leader says that for now it is his personal position and that the party authorities will still discuss it. According to Mickoski, the technical government is contrary to the Constitution and laws. He also denies the claims that he wants to abolish the technical government, because he is against the Albanian prime minister.

- I was the first to suggest that Afrim Gashi be prime minister, Gashi is Albanian. We are not against an Albanian prime minister. And we will never be, but we cannot accept something that is against the law and the Constitution, and the law says that the prime minister comes from the party that has the most deputies in the parliament. Currently, the situation is such that neither DUI, nor Alliance for Albanians, nor DPA, nor SDSM have the most deputies in the parliament. VMRO-DPMNE has the most MPs and that is why we are restrained on this issue - says Mickoski.

He adds that the party will still discuss whether they will participate in the technical government.

- We asked to delete the technical government. We cannot participate in something that is poorly catalyzed and not in accordance with the laws and the Constitution. We can participate in the Government, but you will allow us to be restrained in relation to the Government's vote, not to support it, that is my personal position - says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.

According to him, even without a "Przhin" government, SDSM and DUI can realize the agreement for an Albanian prime minister in the last 100 days of the mandate, but through a political government. That would mean that Kovacevski resigns from the post of prime minister, that the head of state Stevo Pendarovski gives the mandate to the proposed mandate holder and that in the last 100 days there will be a political government without the participation of the opposition.

It is striking that a high-ranking official from the Alliance for Albanians briefed the "Free Press" that if there is no agreement with the SDSM and DUI Alliance to keep the vacant seat in the SEC, in such a case they have no obligation to be fair to the government partners and that everything is in game. According to the official who briefed us, if it is important for SDSM to appear in the elections as a European front from these three political entities, the largest ruling party will not be able to hope for a coalition with the Alliance if it votes for Besa's candidate for SEC.

Apart from canceling support for the technical government, Alliance has already announced that it is also in play to leave the current government and run independently in the elections. As we have already announced, the leader of the Alliance, Arben Taravari, will put on the table as possible solutions for the SEC to go to the elections without a complete SEC, that is, with an empty seat, to expand the composition of the SEC from seven to nine members. According to this, apart from the current composition - three members from SDSM, one from DUI, two from VMRO-DPMNE and Alliance to keep the place in the SEC, and Besa and Levica to nominate members, and the option for the SEC to remain with seven is also in play. member, and the government partners to support the Alliance candidate.

Whether the government will secure a majority to vote for the technical government will also depend on the positioning of the Albanian opposition bloc. The European Union for Change, which has six MPs, believes that the technical government should remain for the upcoming elections, but their condition is that they are represented by their own ministers. Izet Majiti, after leaving the leadership with Bilal Kasami and Afrim Gashi precisely because of a quarrel with the Speaker of the Assembly Talat Xhaferi about the vacant seat in the SEC, said that there should be a technical government and the ministers should belong to the Albanian opposition, in order, as that said, to remove part of the regime.

According to the arrangement of forces in the Parliament, it is possible that the technical government will not be elected, if 44 deputies of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition vote "against" or "abstain", plus Pavle Trajanov from the Democratic Union, who also declared that he is against. plus eight MPs from the Alliance for Albanians, six MPs from the European Union for Change and two from the Left.

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