The young woman from Veles who was shot in the stomach by her husband is fighting for her life

Photo: Nafi Avdulai / Google Maps

The 25-year-old woman from Veles, M.R., who in the morning was seriously injured by her unmarried husband, is fighting for life at the Skopje clinics, the doctors inform. She was shot in the stomach by the 38-year-old assailant, who then ran away and then he killed himself when the police came to his apartment to arrest him.

The information was confirmed tonight by the spokesperson of SVR Veles. Riste Samardziev, who said that tomorrow he will announce additional information about the case, including whether the injury was caused by a firearm.

In the morning, the injured woman was brought to the hospital, from where they confirmed that she had a gunshot wound in the stomach, which was inflicted by her 38-year-old unmarried husband.

As he informs Dr. Elena Levkova Kyulumova from Veles hospital, 25-year-old M.R. she was brought by an ambulance at 08:30, in a serious condition, with a gunshot wound in the lower abdomen. After the laboratory tests, and due to the severity of the injury, the woman in a serious, life-threatening condition was sent to the Emergency Center of the Skopje Clinics, where she is still fighting for her life.

Terrible domestic violence in Veles: A young woman was wounded, her husband shot her in the stomach

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