SDSM: VMRO-DPMNE and the pro-Russian Left want to destabilize the country


"Tonight, the citizens witnessed new incidents and violence at the protests organized by VMRO-DPMNE and the pro-Russian installation Russia in front of the Parliament", the ruling SDSM reacted tonight.

According to the party, these scenes resembled April 27, 2017.

Here is the full statement from SDSM:

"Once again we witnessed how thugs with hoods attacked the policemen, threw flammable liquids, stoned the members of the Macedonian police and tried to forcefully enter the Parliament. We saw similar scenes on the black 27th of April and we know what that means. The initial information is that several members of the police were also injured. SDSM strongly condemns violence, this violent way of acting of VMRO-DPMNE and the pro-Russian Left shows their true destructive and violent face.

VMRO-DPMNE and the pro-Russian Left want to destabilize the country, to harm it and thereby work on power centers that do not think well of our country and our people and do not want the country to be part of the European Union. SDSM, the institutions, together with the citizens, we will not allow the violent behavior and scenarios of VMRO-DPMNE and Levica to endanger the state. Let them not try to repeat the intrusion of April 27. We will not allow that," said SDSM.

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