SDSM: The third weekend in a row is a non-working day

SDSM party building / Photo: "Free Press", Dragan Mitreski

"Sunday is a non-working day is a project in the series of projects of the SDSM-led government that promotes workers' rights," SDSM said.

"The third weekend in a row is a non-working day for 92 percent of all workers, and those eight percent who work today receive 50 to 100 percent higher per diems.

This realizes a key promise given to the citizens given before the parliamentary elections in 2020.

On a non-working day on Sunday, two percent more taxes are poured in, which will end up in a special fund from which investments will be made in the construction of kindergartens.

"SDSM, as a responsible state-building party, continues with the implementation of policy measures that mean protection of workers' rights and a higher economic standard for all citizens," they added.

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