SDSM gives up three candidates for a coalition with Ahmeti and Sela?

The mood in DUI is to go to the presidential and parliamentary elections independently, that is, in a coalition with DPA and the parties of Arianit Hoxha and Skender Redzepi. However, at the Ahmeti-Kovachevski meeting, it will be clear whether a joint parliamentary performance is possible, after DUI has already decided that it will have its own presidential candidate.

At the final meeting, which should be held by the end of the week, SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski will convince DUI leader Ali Ahmeti to participate in the parliamentary elections with joint lists and will seek support for the SDSM presidential candidate in the second election round, after he became it is clear that DUI will come up with its own candidate for the head of state, a senior official from SDSM told "Sloboden Pechat". Kovacevski is not giving up on the "European Front" and in a separate meeting he will meet with Ziyadin Sela, leader of a part of the Alliance for Albanians, for a joint performance in the parliamentary elections.

That there will be a meeting between Kovacevski and Ahmeti this week, so that the government partners can finally determine how they will perform in the double elections, confirmed Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi in a guest appearance on "360 Degrees".

According to the official of the SDSM who briefed us, at the meeting Kovacevski and Ahmeti will analyze what the polls and soundings show and will discuss the election performance. SDSM's analyzes showed that it is more pragmatic for government partners to appear on joint lists such as the European Front, that is, that due to Dont's model of calculation, it will enable them to have a larger number of MPs than to go to the elections independently.

Unofficially, in order to get DUI and Sela's Alliance to perform together, SDSM is ready for three list holders to be from Ahmeti's and Sela's parties. This would mean that DUI would have holders in the Sixth and the Second Constituency, and Sela would get the Fifth Constituency. However, this is a less possible variant, because, as the official says, if in the "six" it is not disputed that the holder is a DUI, in the "five" it is symptomatic, because the Alliance of the Villages has support in Struga and Kichevo, but not in Bitola, Ohrid and Resen. Or, again, in the "couple", where it is important for both SDSM and DUI to have holders of lists. Hence, the first offer will be for SDSM, DUI and Alliance of Villages to go with the so-called list bearers. SDSM once already went to elections with list bearers, but from its own party. If this is acceptable for DUI and the Alliance of Villages, it will mean that there will be two list holders for each constituency. For example, in the "six" the holder should be Ahmeti, with a holder from SDSM or Alliance. In the campaign and at the rallies, the two holders will address and two will be equally represented on the billboards.

As for the presidential candidate, SDSM will no longer seek support from government partners in the first election round, but it is important for them to secure guarantees from Ahmeti and Sela that their candidate will have the support in the second election round. Therefore, it is almost certain that SDSM will go with Stevo Pendarovski in the presidential elections, who received the support of DUI as a consensus candidate five years ago.

The mood in DUI is to go to the presidential and parliamentary elections independently, that is, in a coalition with DPA and the parties of Arianit Hoxha and Skender Redzepi. However, at the Ahmeti-Kovachevski meeting, it will be clear whether a joint parliamentary performance is possible, after DUI has already decided that it will have its own presidential candidate.

Talat Xhaferi, Ali Ahmeti Photo: Facebook Xhaferi

Xhaferi: Ahmeti will not accept to be a candidate

Grubi in an interview for "360 degrees" confirmed the information of "Sloboden Pechat" that his party members are convincing him Ahmeti to be a presidential candidate. The idea of ​​him being the candidate of DUI for the head of the state belongs to DUI and the voters. According to Grubi, DUI has not yet decided who will be their candidate for the president of the state, because the issue has not been discussed in the party bodies. He says that persuading Ahmeti as a candidate for the head of state is difficult, because their leader believed that he is not in politics for the sake of positions, but for the sake of a mission.

- The idea belongs to all of us, to DUI, to the voters. The country deserves Ali Ahmeti to be president. You know his attitude: I am a missionary, I am not an official. And before that argument we must all back down. But if you ask any DUI member, any DUI voter, of course they will opt for Ali Ahmeti - says Grubi.

Technical Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi also stated that he thinks that Ahmeti will not accept to be a candidate.

- Mr. Ahmeti has a mission, and he is not a contender for office, as far as I know. I don't think he will accept it to be that. His mission is Europe, the European Union, and he is working on that mission. I don't think he prioritizes competition over holding any office. If he wanted an office, he could have had any office in these 22 years - said Xhaferi.

According to Grubi, there are many names in DUI that could be presidential candidates, starting from party vice-presidents, secretaries, veterans and non-party members. Grubi believes that Bujar Osmani could be an excellent presidential candidate.
The Vice Prime Minister confirmed the information of "Sloboden Pechat" that the initial idea was for all parties of the Albanians to come up with a common non-party candidate for the head of state, but that after the candidacy of the leader of part of the Alliance for the Albanians, Arben Taravari, that idea failed.
DUI officials on Facebook have already started a campaign for the presidential candidate. With a photo of the leader, they say: "Ahmeti brings great news."

Ahmeti. Photo: Facebook

Sela's Alliance is still in favor of an independent appearance in the elections

The Alliance of the Villages told "Sloboden Pechat" that for the time being the decision of the Central Presidency for independent participation in the elections remains in force. However, they say that they are scattered among the base and that the election performance will be decided by the membership. The party has not yet made a decision whether it will run with its own presidential candidate.
Grubi also confirmed the information of "Sloboden Pechat" that if VMRO-DPNE wins the elections, the condition of most Albanian parties will be to pass the constitutional ones first changes, and then to form a government.

- We are currently talking about the same as in 2011. I don't know if you remember when some difficult decisions were made after the Assembly was constituted and before the government was formed, such as the authentic interpretation of the Amnesty Law and the Languages ​​Law. The same should be repeated after these elections – before any government is formed, the constitutional amendments should be approved - Grubi said.

He reiterated that DUI has red lines from which it will not deviate, namely the voting of the constitutional amendments, as well as the acceptance of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, the Prespa Agreement and the Good Neighbor Agreement with Bulgaria.

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